Spiced Cider With Rum

16th November 2015

  December is right around the corner which means winter is finally on its way to Texas. Warm up on cold Texas evenings with this Spiced Cider With Rum recipe. INGREDIENTS 8 cups…

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Sample Mead at On the Rocks

5th November 2015

Mead is the predecessor of all modern fermented drinks. The history of mead goes so far back that we may never have a true idea of its origins. However, we know the drink…

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Decode the Difference: Bourbon, Whiskey and Whisky

3rd November 2015

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “All bourbon is whiskey. Not all whiskey is bourbon,” or perhaps you’ve wondered if you should spell it whiskey or whisky. Today, we will decode the differences between…

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How to Host a Beer Tasting

28th October 2015

Beer tastings are the perfect at-home tasting event. Hosting a tasting is a great way to spice up a regular gathering with friends or coworkers. Not only are beer tastings fun, they also…

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Halloween Monster Mai Tai & Events

21st October 2015

Lately, we’ve seen goblets of ghoulish concoctions popping up all over the internet and thought we’d join in on the fun. Today we’ll be showing you our recipe for a Halloween Monster Mai…

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Bloody Mary Mixes

Bloody Mary Mixes at On the Rocks

6th August 2015

With the amount of Bloody Mary mixes out there, chances are you’re going to have some that are great and others that aren’t so great. So you don’t have to go through the…

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Unique Margarita Recipes for Summer

29th July 2015

It’s almost August, but the summer heat in Texas will be here a few more months, and what better way to chill out than with a homemade margarita? Most people know the basics…

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DIY Liquor Infusions

22nd July 2015

Infusing liquor can sound like a tedious project, but once you get going you’ll realize that it’s actually not that complicated. Here are a few simple recipes below to get you started, and…

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Cocktail Apps

Top 10 Best Cocktail Apps

15th July 2015

Below is a list of what we think are the best cocktail apps you need to download. Whether you’re a professional bartender or mixologist, or simply a cocktail enthusiast, these cocktail apps guide…

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